Montréal Astro Postcards

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A 6-pack of space postcards around Montréal icons


This set of 6 postcards frames the cosmos among iconic Montréal scenes.

1) Twin Chimney Flyby

The International Space Station appears to fly behind the Des Carrières incinerator towers in this long exposure shot taken in the Plateau–Mont-Royal. November 24, 2021.

2) Mile End Moon

The morning Moon appears next to Mile End's iconic St. Lawrence Warehouse water tower. November 24, 2021.

3) Space Station Flies Over Neon Mural

A long-exposure shot of the International Space Station flying over the neon mural at St Laurent and Mont-Royal Avenue in the Plateau. March 21, 2021.

4) Moon Between Towers

The Crescent Moon is nuzzled between the Des Carrières smokestacks – a former incinerator – north of Sir Wilfred Laurier Park in the Plateau. March 15, 2021.

5) Cohen Side Eyes Space Station

A long-exposure shot of the International Space Station flying in front of the Leonard Cohen mural on Napoleon and Saint-Dominique Street. July 14, 2021.

6) Crescent Moooooon at Sunrise

The Crescent Moon appears over a cow during sunrise at Au Diable Vert near Sutton, Quebec. July 5, 2021.