Future Skies: Montréal 2021

2020 was a bust.

But we've got beautiful skies coming in 2021.

$ 20.00

A Book for the Future

"Future Skies" shows you 10 beautiful moments that will happen through 2021. Each artwork is created by a Montréal artist and waits for you to colour them in.

Starting in May and ending in November, we'll witness sunsets, moonrises, eclipses (solar and lunar), and our planetary neighbours. All of these are easily visible in parks and locations around Montréal.

Let's take a peek...

The Pleasure of Prediction

After an uncertain year, it's nice to look forward to beautiful things that will definitely happen.

10 dates and locations were chosen for this book. The exact time has been predicted using a mix of astronomy apps, Google Earth, and going on-location to get precise measurements. All of these events will happen in central Montréal, most of them around Mount Royal.

Some events are rare and spectacular, such as the partial solar eclipse on June 10th, at 5:00 AM, but some events are "ordinary", such as a sunset featuring our Moon.

Future Skies aims to build excitement and anticipation for these "ordinary" events by predicting how the sky will look at the exact moment and location.

Supporting Artists in Montreal

Each artwork was made by a Montréal artist. Some of them have been in their field for a while and some are just starting their careers.

And this is important: none of them died of exposure. They were paid for their work.

Before each artwork, a little bio about each artist is shown and where to follow them.

Made in Montreal

Through 2020, we've all seen how important it is to support Montréal businesses. This book does the same.

It's printed in the Plateau–Mont-Royal. Hand-assembled in the Plateau. Translated by a local astrophysicist (Myriam Latulippe).

Even the screws that it's bound by are bought on Rue Atateken!


When we can hang out again, wouldn't it be cool to colour together? There's a newsletter just for that!

The Future Skies newsletter will send out an email a few days before an scene is supposed to take place. If the weather ain't good, it'll suggest alternate dates.

If it's safe to do so, you'll also be invited to join up at the location and we'll watch and colour the scene together. Sign up below (there's also the Plateau Astro 'Splashdown' newsletter, which you can also sign up for – just check the boxes you'd like to be added to!)


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How Big?

Future Skies is 5.5" wide by 8.5" tall. Dork for scale...

Trevor holding a 5.5" by 8.5" Future Skies Colouring Book


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$ 20.00