Moon, Planets, Stars, and Navigation

A Private Tour and Team Building Activity in Montréal

Show your team how much there's to see in the urban night sky

In this private tour, your team is going to learn astronomy basics. They'll work together in teams to answer questions about the Moon, planets visible to the naked eye, navigating with the stars, and more.

They're going to walk away surprised by how much there is to see in the night sky in Montréal (yes, even with all of our light pollution)...

Apps and Concepts We'll Learn

Your team will walk away confident with new knowledge about the sky:

  • how to use Star Walk 2 astronomy app to find objects in the night sky
  • how to witness the rotation of Earth in real-time
  • basics of using a telescope
  • see the Moon and planets through the telescope
  • why the Moon changes appearance / has phases
  • what planets we can see with the naked eye
  • how many constellations are in the sky
  • how to find the North Star / Polaris and why it's important for navigation
  • their space and astronomy questions, answered

Trevor Kjorlien teaching how to use Star Walk 2

Team Challenge

On arrival, members will be split into 3 teams: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Using the free smartphone app GooseChase (iPhone, Android), teams will see a list of points-based challenges they'll need to work together on during the tour.

Through the evening, new questions will appear from concepts they'll learn. At the end of the tour, the team with the most points will be declared winners. If you'd like, we can organize a prize for the winners 😉

The slideshow below gives you an idea of what to expect with GooseChase.

Telescope + Moon

On the tour, we'll look at the Moon and planets with the telescope.

I have an adapter for smartphones so your team can walk away with their very own high-quality, close-up photo of the Moon:


The entire tour takes place in Jeanne-Mance Park in the Plateau as the Sun begins to set.

After introductions and setting your groups up, we'll be walking around to different areas of the park.

Telescope in the Park Jeanne Mance

Cost and Payment

For groups of 14 people or less:

  • $500

For groups of 14 people or more:

  • $500 + $32 for each additional person


  • $250 non-refundable deposit taken at booking
  • remaining amount charged at end of tour
  • payment via cheque, e-transfer, or credit card

All prices in CAD, not including GST+QST.

If cost is a concern for your group, get in contact using the form below and we'll work something out.

Weather Cancellation / Backup Plan

In the days leading up to the event, I'll give weather reports for our planned event. 

The event will only be cancelled if it's raining or snowing. If it's cloudy, it's not the most ideal conditions, but your team will still learn a lot and have a great time.

If we need to cancel the event, we have several backup options:

  • do an on-site event at your office for a presentation about astronomy apps
  • reschedule for another day

If we need do an on-site event, I will reduce the charge per attendee to $15 each.


This tour takes place in Park Jeanne-Mance. The park has paved paths through much of the park and is wheelchair friendly.

On some parts of the tour, we will go to grassy areas. If there are issues with this, the tour can easily be adapted to avoid this.

Paths in Parc Jeanne-Mance

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