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Since 2019, I've been featured and interviewed in many print, web, radio, and TV publications. I'm very comfortable speaking live on-air for astronomy and spaceflight news in English. 

For interviews in French, a written list of questions in advance would be very appreciated.

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Finding the Middle

CBC Creator Network, CBC Montréal  November 26, 2023

During wintertime in Montreal, it's easy to think that we live in a northern part of the world. It's cold, it's snowy and it's dark at 4:30 p.m. But surprisingly, Montreal is at nearly the exact halfway point between the North Pole and the equator.

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Moonrise: How to see the moon red and large every month

CBC Creator Network, CBC Montréal March 30, 2022

Spotting a giant, red moon low on the horizon is one of the most beautiful astronomical events visible to the naked eye.

In this video, Trevor Kjorlien (also known as Plateau Astro), explains how to find it.

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The man who brings astronomy to downtown Montreal

The Sunday Edition, CBC Radio
September 20, 2019

The man and his telescope couldn't be farther from the dark sky; the preserve of professional astronomers.

On clear summer nights Trevor Kjorlien sets up on the busiest, brightest street corners in downtown Montreal and invites anyone, and everyone, to defy the light pollution and take a look.

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Plateau Astro aims to get everyday Montrealers excited about astronomy

Montréal Gazette
June 13, 2019

On clear evenings, Trevor Kjorlien can often be found on a street in the Plateau, offering passersby a peek through his telescope.

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CBC – July 7 (TV)
Boeing Starliner issues returning home

CBC – June 8 (TV)
Boeing Starliner launch

CBC – June 2 (TV)
China's Moon mission

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Aurora Borealis in 2024

CTV – May 13 (TV)
Missed the Northern lights? We'll see them soon

CBC – May 6 (Radio)
Boeing's upcoming Starliner launch

Elias Makos Show, CJAD – April 9 (Radio)
Post-eclipse thoughts

Daybreak with Sean Henry, CBC Radio – April 8 (Radio)
The Solar Eclipse with Plateau Astro

TVA Nouvelles – April 7 (TV)
150 000 paires de lunettes à distribuer: le parc Jean-Drapeau se prépare en vue de l’éclipse

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The Solar Eclipse with Plateau Astro

Global News – April 5 (TV)
Eclipse viewing tips for Montrealers

CTV News – April 4 (TV)
Three ways to safely look at the eclipse

CTV News – April 2 (TV)
Q&A: Myths and legends of a solar eclipse

Montréal Gazette – March 22 (Web)
What you need to know about seeing the total eclipse over Montreal

Global News – January 9 (TV)
NASA delays highly anticipated Artemis lunar missions, cites safety

CTV News – January 8 (TV)
Peregrine Lander unable to reach Moon


Let's Go, CBC Radio – November 27 (Radio)
45th parallel space

CBC Creator Network – November 26 (Web)
Halfway between the North Pole and equator isn't where you think it is

Let's Go, CBC Radio – October 31 (Radio)
A Halloween that's out of this world for one young Montrealer

Tourisme Montréal – September 26 (Web)
Montréal is a uniquely perfect city to see the Red Moon

CTV Montréal – August 11 (TV)
Turn off your phone, gaze upwards and enjoy the Perseid meteor shower this weekend

CBC News: The National – August 9 (TV)
Artemis II astronauts get 1st look at capsule taking them to the moon

CKUT – July 24 (Radio)
The story of Plateau Astro

CBC Creator Network – January 30 (Web)
How to spot the planets hiding in plain sight

CBC Syndicated Audio, 14 stations – January 23 (Radio)
Light pollution is getting noticeably worse, study confirms

CBC News: The National – January 20 (TV)
Light pollution is getting noticeably worse, study confirms


Global News – November 8 (TV)
Amateur Montreal astronomers ‘freeze’ then gaze at last lunar eclipse of 2022

CJAD – November 2 (Radio)
Asteroid 2022 AP7 Near-Earth Approach

CJOB – August 29 (Radio)
NASA's Artemis 1 launch

CBC Radio – August 11 (Radio)
Moonrise photo from Haeundae Beach

CJAD – August 3 (Radio)
South Korean Astronomy Trip

CTV – August 1 (TV)
Star-gazing couple to travel from Montreal to South Korea for the perfect moonrise photo

CJLO – June 13 (Web)
Montreal Fringe: The Sky Never Looked Better, Thanks to Plateau Astro’s Night Sky Tour

Let's Go, CBC Radio – March 31 (Radio)
Plateau Astro Moon Rise

CBC – March 30 (Web)
Moonrise: How to see the moon red and large every month

Daily Hive Montréal – March 14 (Web)
Sprung forward: The sun in Montreal will now set after 7 pm every night

CJAD - January 7 (Radio)
Spaceflight in 2022


CJAD – December 31 (radio)
What's in the sky for 2022

CJAD – December 10 (radio)
Comet Leonard

CJAD – September 17 (radio)

Global Montréal – August 30 (TV)
Upcoming sky events in September

CBC Radio – August 13 (radio)
Perseides Meteor Shower

CJAD – August 4 (radio)

Global Montréal – August 2 (TV)
Upcoming sky events in August

CTV – June 10 (TV)
Partial solar eclipse over Montréal

Global Montréal – June 10 (TV)
Hundreds in Montreal rise early to view partial solar eclipse from Olympic Stadium

CTV – June 9 (TV)
Partial solar eclipse to be visible from Montreal on Thursday — further north, a rare 'ring of fire' will appear

Let's Go, CBC Radio – March 18 (radio)
Measure Earth on the Spring Equinox


Global Montréal – December 18 (TV)
Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

Montréal Families – December 1 (web)
Plateau Astro and its quarantine live streams were created to share astronomy with all Montrealers

CJAD – August 21 (radio)
Have you ever wanted to see Jupiter up close? This weekend may be your chance!

CTV Montréal – April 8 (TV)
Live streams during lockdown

Radio Noon Quebec with Shawn Apel, CBC Radio – April 6 (radio)
Live streams during lockdown


The Sunday Edition, CBC Radio – September 20 (radio)
The man who brings astronomy to downtown Montreal

Our Montréal, CBC – August 17 (TV)
Astronomy for the People

Homerun, CBC Radio – June 24 (radio)
Telescope in the street

CJAD – June 18 (radio)
Plateau Astro is getting Montréalers more excited about astronomy

Montréal Gazette – June 13 (print/web)
Plateau Astro aims to get everyday Montrealers excited about astronomy