Crescent Moon

July 12

What We'll See

The hidden sunset gem of Montreal, Belvédère Outremont offers a spectacular view of the western sky, unobstructed from tall downtown buildings. Watching the Sun dip below the horizon, you are witnessing the rotation of the Earth in real-time. As the Sun drops further and the sky darkens, wait for three celestial objects to appear: Mars, bright Venus, and the crescent Moon. 

Sunset at Belvedere Outremont

How to See It

  • When: July 12, 2021 - 8:41 PM
  • Where: Belvédère Outremont

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About the Artist

Arianna Garcia

Arianna is a self-taught 2D artist born and raised in Mexico, now living in Montréal.   Currently working as a Background Artist for TV Animation. Freelance Illustrator and Visual Artist who enjoys playing with shapes and colour.

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