April 01, 2024

Where to Watch the Solar Eclipse in Montréal

A few eclipse viewing spots I recommend

The eclipse is almost here! And a question I've been getting a lot is "where is the best spot to watch the eclipse in Montréal?"

Most importantly: make sure you're in the blue part of the map below. And the further "in" to the blue you are, the longer totality time you'll get. So if you're in Old Port, you'll get more totality time than if you were in Parc Jarry, for instance.

Solar Eclipse Totality Map Montréal 2024

There's no real "best" spot and you don't need to overthink this. But below, I'll list off a few spots that might be a good for you, and the pros and cons of each.

Things to consider

  • already have a good spot in your backyard or patio? No need to go anywhere!
  •  a wide open space like a park is ideal. This will give you a good view of the 360° sunset that happens at totality!
  • try to avoid places with tall buildings so they don't risk blocking the view
  • use the metro, as road traffic will be busy

Parc Jeanne-Mance

Parc Jeanne-Mance

This is my top recommended spot. My hunch is that this will be less busy than a lot of other places and has enough open space to accommodate lots of people.

This will also provide a good open view of the horizon to see some of the 360° sunset. Also: how iconic to look at the eclipse and see the Mont Royal cross to your left?

  • Totality time: 1 min, 15 sec
  • Nearest metro: Mont-Royal
  • Google Map

Parc Lafontaine

Parc Lafontaine

This is also another great centrally located spot. It lacks a bit of open space to see the 360° sunset and be sure to get a spot that isn't blocked by trees.

The water won't be filled, so don't expect an idyllic scene. But come early enough and you might be able to grab a bench!

  • Totality Time: 1 min, 14 sec
  • Nearest Metros: Sherbrooke, Mont-Royal
  • Google Map

Beaver Lake / Lac au Castors

Beaver Lake

This spot has a lot going for it, but will take about 30 minutes to walk to from the nearest metro. Seriously: don't even think about getting a parking spot nearby. There is a bus that goes directly here, but just assume traffic will be nuts.

The eclipse will happen right above the St Joseph Oratory. You'll also have a solid view of the horizon to see part of the 360° sunset. You'll also have a clear view to see bright dots Jupiter and Venus at totality.

  • Totality Time: 1 min, 24 sec
  • Nearest Metros: Guy Concordia (Green Line, 35 min walk), Côte-des-Neiges (Blue Line, 40 min walk)
  • Google Map

Belvédère Outremont

Belvédère Outremont

This is the best sunset spot in the city, and this will be a really killer view. But there's some downsides.

The available space for this lookout point is small, so it could be very crowded. Honestly: arrive here at like 12:00 PM if you want to guarantee a spot.

Depending on how many people decide to come here, the trail leading up might be horribly congested. Again, arrive early?

But if you do get a good spot here, you'll have an amazing view of the 360° sunset overlooking the horizon looking west. The Sun will be more to the "left" compared to the photo above, so you'll be facing more towards the south than you would for a usual western sunset.

  • Totality Time: 1 min 17 sec
  • Nearest Metro: Édouard-Montpetit (Blue Line + 25 minute walk)
  • Google Map

Parc Angrignon

Parc Angrignon: Google Maps
Credit: Vivek Jariya, Google Maps

If you're on the southwest part of the island, Parc Angrignon might be a solid spot! And of all my picks here, has the longest totality time. Also, the metro station is just a few minutes walk away.

  • Totality Time: 1 min 50 sec
  • Nearest Metro: Angrignon
  • Google Map 

Parc Jarry

Parc Jarry

Although this has less than a minute of totality time, Parc Jarry will have lots of available space and have a good view of the 360° sunset. Perhaps the best of all the spots listed here.

If you can snag that small hilltop by the pond? Good on ya.

  • Totality Time: 50 sec
  • Nearest Metros: De Castelneau, Parc (Blue Line)
  • Google Map

St Joseph's Oratory

St Joseph Oratory
Credit, Instagram: @shirinanja

I imagine the Oratory will be packed. People flock here to watch the sunset and I can only imagine what it'll be like on April 8th.

The stairs looking West provide great seating and you'll have an excellent view to see the 360° horizon. Also, if you feel you need to repent at the sight of totality, this might be your spot. But arrive earlier than you think. Like, church on Christmas Eve early.

  • Totality Time: 1 min 22 sec
  • Nearest Metro: Côte-des-Neiges
  • Google Map

Other Free Events

Although it'll be packed, you might enjoy the feeling of being around tens of thousand of other people during the eclipse. Some of these events might have a limited amount of free solar eclipse glasses. Again, don't count on getting glasses and be sure to arrive early:

If you don't need to drive, please don't. Use public transportation (metro will be easier). Arrive early. And be kind to the people around you.

Have a great eclipse!

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