October 21, 2022

The Sunrise Tells Us When

Finding the date in Michel Rabagliati's Parc La Fontaine Artwork

When I lived near Parc La Fontaine, almost everyday I'd walk through the park. Along the way, I'd see this artwork by local illustrator Michel Rabagliati.

Michel Rabagliati's artwork in Parc La Fontaine

This was installed as part of a walking tour in 2017 to celebrate Montreal's 375th anniversary. In the artwork, Rabagliati's recurring character Paul is returning a scarf to a woman on top of Mount Royal.

Behind them, is the rising Sun.

Each time I'd walk past the artwork, I wondered what time of year this was supposedly taking place. And using the position of the Sun, we're able to find out!

In 2021, I made this video to investigate this very important matter.

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