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The Planets


In this workshop, we'll be learning about the Planets in our solar system.

2018 is a particularly good year for observing some of the outer planets:

  • May: close approach to Jupiter
  • June: close approach to Saturn
  • July: closest approach to Mars in two years

Some common questions come up when learning about the planets. Why can’t we see every planet in the night sky? Why are there times that are better to see planets than other times?

To unravel this (and other questions), we’ll be using a hands-on group demonstration to understand the orbits of the planets around the sun and how they affect our view of the planets from Earth.

Afterwards, we will take out the telescope and see with our own eyes, the planets that are viewable. Yes, it's true: even in a light-polluted city like Montreal, it's possible to view the redness of Mars, the storms of Jupiter, and even the rings of Saturn.

Then, take your own photo of the planets with the telescope. That photo of Saturn at the top of the page? You could have your very own.

What Time?

This workshop will usually start around sunset. This time will change through spring and summer.

Check out the schedule for dates and start times.


These workshops are weather dependent. If it's raining or completely cloudy, the workshop will not be held.

However, if it's clear or only partly cloudy (with a good chance to use the telescope), the workshop will most definitely be held.

On the day of the workshop, you can email to confirm. A tweet and Facebook post will be sent each afternoon to confirm that the workshop will be held.

What to Bring

  • Smartphone to take photos (make sure it's charged and has free space!)
  • Warm clothes (just in case it gets chilly)
  • A blanket to sit down on (optional; grass can be nice to sit on)

Join Workshop!

Check the schedule and just show up, or send an email to confirm a spot.



  • Adults: $10 recommended
  • Kids: $5 recommended

But whatever you feel was worth your time. Cash and credit card accepted (sorry! no debit cards yet)


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