Live Streams


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening (at least during this wacky time of COVID-19 quarantine), we'll be learning a different astronomy and space concept over Facebook and Instagram Live. Each stream lasts around 15 minutes.

These streams are designed for a wide audience, including kids (probably ages 8+, but if you got a curious kid, let them watch!) Adults certainly aren't left out: there's more than enough to keep your brain humming and entertained.

During the stream, you're encouraged to leave comments and ask questions! I promise to try and answer every single one that I can.


Tune in by liking or following the Plateau Astro Facebook Page. The stream begins at 7:30 PM and last about 15 minutes.

The streams on Facebook are presented in English and are family-friendly. 

Missed an episode? All streams done on Facebook can be viewed afterwards.


Tune in by following the Plateau Astro Instagram account. The stream begins at 8:00 PM.

I cover the topic of the evening, then hang around for a while to answer your questions, talk about other space stuff, and maybe even have a beer with you.

If you miss the stream live, you can replay it up to 24 hours after recording. That's just how Instagram works.

Évènements à venir

Il n'y a pas encore d'événements prévus pour cela, mais il pourrait y en avoir un autre à venir. Consultez l'programme.