Workshop: View the Space Station

Sep 16
Parc La Fontaine Wednesday 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Flying 400 kilometres above Earth, the International Space Station orbits the Earth 16 times every single day, moving at a speed of 7 kilometres per second. That is not a typo: 7 kilometres every single second.

And from Earth – even in the middle of a brightly-lit city like Montréal – we can watch it fly overhead. This workshop will teach you how.

We’ll meet at Parc Lafontaine about 45 minutes before the station is set to fly overhead.

While walking around Parc La Fontaine, we’ll learn some of the history of the station, get a sense of its size, and how to use the free ISS Detector app for iOS and Android. At the schedule time, appearing as a bright dot in the sky, we’ll watch the several-minute flyover of the station.

As a special bonus: there’ll be a telescope to take a close look at Jupiter and Saturn.


$10 / person. Just send me an email and reserve your spot :)

Payment is taken on-site with debit or credit card with a contactless reader.


We'll be meeting at the corner of Rue Rachel and Avenue Calixa-Lavallée. 

Google Map

Smartphone App

We'll be using a smartphone app called 'ISS Detector', available on both iOS and Android. It's recommended to download before arriving:

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Weather / Cancellation

On the afternoon of the workshop, I will post a weather report for that evening letting the group know if we are GO or NOGO. Hopefully it's a GO!

Long exposure shot of the Space Station flying overhead

Spot the Station

The International Space Station flies around the Earth every 90 minutes and can be seen with the naked eye as a bright, moving point of light.

In this workshop, we'll learn how to find and spot the station with some nifty smartphone apps.

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